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Legal and Financial Translation

When undertaking legal documentation translation we are strongly aware of the importance of the assignment, the need for accurate transmission of information and preservation of the structural and lexical consistency of the text, therefore we approach translation with the highest degree of responsibility.

Professional Translation’s specialist translators possess many years of accumulated experience working with contracts and agreements, articles of incorporation and judicial documents, financial and accounting reports, legal and statutory regulations, as well as investment programmes and business plans.

Legal and financial documentation commonly constitute an indivisible part of large tender documentations for technical equipment or form part of large-scale engineering projects. Consequently, the content of such documents is related to project-specific provisions, scientific and technical terms and concepts. The flexible management system developed in the company in relation to such projects enables us to adequately and rapidly synchronise the workflow on such wide-ranging documents while preserving their precise quality and the accuracy of information contained therein.

Professional Translation guarantees complete confidentiality regarding the content of all documents presented for translation thanks to its in-house system of information protection.


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