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Project management

Professional Translation is specialized in rendering services for implementation of large-scale projects and project management is our first key priority. A large-scale project requires excellent organization of activities and supply of the necessary resources in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Our step-by-step project management process:

  • Assignment evaluation and coordination with the customer’s requirements;
  • Appointment of a project manager;
  • Planning what needs to be done and fixing a deadline for performance;
  • Building a team of qualified translators, experts, and editors;
  • Development and support of a specialized translation memory dictionary to ensure terminology alignment;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the work of all the people involved in the project;
  • Establishing ‘break-points’ at which to review and check the progress of the work with the purpose of the earliest possible identification of any inconsistencies and eliminating any controversial points as early as possible;
  • Obligatory revision in three stages including translation, editing, and proofreading;
  • Strict adherence to our established in-house quality assurance criteria;
  • Offering additional services if necessary to deliver ultimate results.

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