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ЛLocalisation is a complex multi-purpose process of adapting software to the requirements and conditions of individual regional markets. In a constantly globalising world localisation has become particularly important. Compliance with locally accepted standards and laws is closely dependent on the quality of the linguistic and technical functions of the localisation process.

Professional Translation provides services in the area of software and hardware localisation, including the translation of::

  • Software – from operating systems to specialised applications for industrial machinery;
  • Hardware – various types of human-machine interfaces, error and status displays, as well as firmware for a range of systems;
  • Web applications – web sites, forums, online questionnaires, forms and others.

The localisation process includes the following functions:

  • Translation of user interface, including images, voice messages and documentation;
  • Integration of regionally accepted units of measurement and standards into the system operation;
  • Modification of code fragments processing regionally dependent data (dates, time, currency, telephone numbers, etc.);
  • Ensuring the accuracy of lexical and graphic line sorting in compliance with target language rules;
  • Adjustment of print standards to the locally accepted paper formats.

Since the localisation process is always dependent on a programming code it is of crucial importance that this code is not affected in any way by changes to the text. Therefore, in localisation projects our specialists always employ a variety of auxiliary tools depending on the specific case. Some of the applications we most often use in the localisation process are:

  • Trados Tag editor;
  • Alchemy Catalyst;
  • MS LocStudio.

Special attention is paid upon reviewing alpha and beta versions when the compiled product is carefully examined and the necessary corrections are made, for example: increasing or decreasing windows or text buttons, abbreviations, creation of new keyboard shortcuts, etc.


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