Word processing and file engineering

The conversion and processing of documents are an integral part of any professional translation service, especially when the originals are only available in a non-machine readable format (e.g. scanned documents, paper copies, PDF files, etc.). And when it comes to the catalogues, presentations, and marketing materials that your designers put so much effort and creative vision in, our technical experts are ready to ensure that the translated file looks just as amazing as the original.
Professional Translation can save you the trouble of managing multiple external providers by offering desktop publishing and printing services.

Our technical staff have in-depth experience and knowledge in the desktop publishing of documents such as:

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    Technical drawings and much more

The process of desktop publishing often includes the following stages:


Receiving a text document as a digital file, in graphic form, on paper or in another medium.


Analysing the source materials and preparing them for translation while maintaining the quality and accuracy of the format.


Extracting the text via software tools, followed by translation and proofreading by experts.


Replacing the translated text in the original format structure.


Formatting and processing of the materials which contain translation so as to obtain the quality and structure of the original.


Additional translation and embedding of text into images, drawings, and figures, so as to ensure comprehensive translation in every aspect of the assignment.


Implementing quality assurance via final review and editing of the material ready for print.

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We have never had a situation we could not resolve when it comes to specialised files or structures that require translation. Our team features both professional linguists and file engineers, and it is this combination which allows us to meet all our clients’ needs, regardless whether they are about working on programming files for software localisation, graphic diagrams, schematics, business documents or something else.

Some examples of the file formats we can accommodate:

MS Office documents (Microsoft Word .doc, .docx, OpenDocument Text Document .odt, .odm, .ott, Adobe Acrobat .pdf, Rich Text .rtf, ASCII or Unicode regular text .txt, ASCII text as values separated by commas .csv, OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods, .ots, Microsoft Excel .xls, .xlsx, Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt, .pptx, .pot, OpenDocument Presentation .odp,.otp, OpenDocument Math Formula .odf, Microsoft OneNote .one, and more)

What we provide for corporate clients:

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    Printing of the processed documents

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    Colour or black-and-white print

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    Ensuring print quality per the requirements


For printing assignments with special requirements (large-format printing, schematics or large print runs), we partner up with subcontractors to save you the effort of engaging one more external provider.