How we operate

Over the years, Professional Translation's team has successfully performed both small and large-scale multilingual projects in a variety of software tools, some of which required coordinating a staff of more than 120 people simultaneously. This is why we have developed a fail-safe system to manage our workflow.


The comprehensive implementation of projects exceeding 5,000 pages in a month, the unparalleled management and quality control system, along with the constant advance and improvement of the technology we use and our internal processes, are what secured Professional Translation's place among market leaders.

Our experience is based on:

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    The translation of more than 1,000,000 pages

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    The localisation of over 10,000 technical drawings and schematics

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    The preparation of thousands of catalogues and operation manuals in desktop publishing tools

Project management

Our methodology

Professional Translation specialises in providing language services for high-profile projects, and adequate coordination and management are a key priority for us. Large-scale projects require a ruthless organisation of workflow in every stage of the process, as well as providing the resources required for a successful outcome.

Workflow stages for a translation project

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    The task is assessed by a project management and any special requirements by the client of specifics of the project are discussed.

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    The files/resources are analysed and all parameters of the task are arranged with the client (including the deadline, price, level of quality, supplemental services such as DTP or multilingual translation).

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    The files are prepared for translation. Any non-readable text is extracted and processed, and a project is prepared for translation in the relevant CAT tool. The relevant translation memories and termbases are added to the project, as well as any reference text or sources.

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    The translation is performed by an in-house/freelance translator or a team is put together to work with a shared translation memory or terminology, and communication channels are created for coordination during the translation.

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    The finished translation is edited by a single language expert who thoroughly reviews the entire project, rectifies any inconsistent terminology, ensures the proper style throughout the text, and makes the text compliant with the client's requirements and the standards upheld by Professional Translation.

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    The text is then reviewed by a proofreader who makes any necessary rectification (if requested by the client).

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    A preview is performed of the project and if required, the client is contacted to clarify any preferences in terminology or any issues.

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    Post formatting is performed by our file engineers. The translated and reviewed text is exported from the software tool and formatting is performed of the text, graphics, and images, text is embedded in graphic elements, etc.

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    The fully finished project is reviewed by the project manager and checked against requirements (both internal and external).

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    The finished project is submitted to the assignor along with any notes or clarifications.

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    Feedback and customer satisfaction are surveyed on the rendered services.


Unique termbases for each project
In addition to their expertise and experience, our translators use a wide range of industry glossaries, termbases, and reference sources in the course of their work. This allows us to ensure the adequate interpretation and consistent use of terminology for the respective language pair.

In order to ensure an unambiguous and accurate translation even in the most difficult of fields, Professional Translation has built partnerships with leading experts from different fields who take part in projects as consultants and technical editors.

Translation from any format

One of the factors that set us apart from most agencies on the market is the fact that we work with source materials in any file format.

We won't turn you back if your project was submitted in a specialised file format or if you are unable to provide us with a machine readable version of your documents. Our experienced technical team will take care of the structure and layout of all tables, graphics, figures, and other elements featured in the original, which are required for the completion of a full document ready for use.

Graphic layout

Appearance matters.

From routine corporate documentation to catalogues and brochures with a proprietary design – how your translated document looks can sometimes be just as important as the translation itself. We will make sure your documentation always looks on point and meets the print requirements of government institutions. And you can rest assured that your presentations or marketing materials will not lose an inch of their glamour or aesthetic.

Microsoft Office

We work with all formats features in the Microsoft Office package such as documents in Word, Excel tables, Powerpoint presentations, Visio drawings, and Access applications.

Technical drawings and schematics

Our experts are highly skilled in working on the translation and proofreading of technical drawings and schematics from various CAD applications and project planning systems (i.e. AutoCAD, Visio, MS Project planner, etc.).
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Software localisation

We have a custom developed algorithm for accurate and efficient work with TAG texts in formats such as XML, HTML, reference HelpSystems and all programming environments.

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Pre-press editing

If necessary, we work with design and DTP applications, when a translation is required or a document needs to be built in the respective environment. Among others, we work with Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw and many more.
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We also frequently work with non-editable file types such as PDF, JPG, TIF, BMP and many others.

Quality policy

Security, QA systems, timely completion
Our aim is to provide and maintain the required quality level for each project. In order to achieve this, we use custom quality control methods which allow our experts to take care of even the smallest of details.

We have built our capacity as a result of our long-term cooperation with demanding corporate clients, and we currently have a dynamic creative team of professionals capable of meeting the demands of the contemporary business world.
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    Communication is seamless thanks to innovative technologies, internet and reservation-based systems, including secure, password-protected methods of file sending.

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    The organisation of project workflow is done in accordance with your preferences, instead of asking you to adapt to our capabilities.

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    Staff is selected on a very rigorous basis, and we work with specialists in specific areas for each separate project.

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    We rely on established software and organisation systems for quality assurance, which we have incorporated into each stage of project completion.

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    We monitor the project closely during every stage so that we can keep every single deadline and priority agreed with the client.

Our team's effort to comply with the constantly expanding specific requirements and needs of clients from different industries to the fullest degree possible has resulted in an entirely unique approach to the organisation, management, and implementation of projects.