Financial Translation

What sets financial translation apart from the rest is the very specific nature of legislation and regulations in different jurisdictions. A financial term can mean one thing in Bulgaria, and something entirely different in Germany, the United Kingdom or the USA. Another consideration is the fact that financial practices or obligations may not have an equivalent in the country of the target language.

This poses a challenge for the translator, who has to gain in-depth understanding of the financial concepts and processes set out in the text, research their existence or lack thereof in the country of the target language, and apply their best judgement on the appropriate way to present the information to the target audience of the translation.

Financial Statements
As a business, we know how much you rely on the financial and accounting documentation of your company and partners, and how important it is to trust the right people with it. That is why we only work with experts in the field who can effortlessly navigate reference documentation such as national and international accounting and reporting standards.

Analyses, reports, and articles

Financial technology is rapidly changing and evolving in today's world, and constant innovation is something we have come to expect in everyday life. And innovation in FinTech has always been a driver for fresh language tropes. Our team of professionals is always at the ready to adapt every newborn buzzword, so that you are always at the forefront of innovation.
Professional Translation guarantees absolute confidentiality of all documents provided for translation, and uses protected channels for the digital exchange of files via a proprietary system for the protection of information.