Technical Translation Technical translations are the foundation Professional Translation was built on. Since its conception, the company focused on serving clients other agencies could not take on – whether due to the need for highly specialised technical experts, a team ready to adjust to changing circumstances or the capacity to take on large-scale projects the average language service provider would have a hard time completing.

At Professional Translation, we have been providing highly qualified translation of design and technical documentation for over 20 years.


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    Nuclear and conventional energy

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    Electrical and mechanical engineering

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    Renewable energy sources

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    Radioactive waste management

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    Energy efficiency

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    Communications and construction

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    Information technology

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    Safety and environmental protection


Translation by highly specialised technical experts

Our technical translators are not linguists or language experts, Instead, they are engineers, technical experts, and people with years of practical experience.

Even the most skilled translators do not possess the knowledge or understanding to translate a document written by experts – for experts.

Proofreading by a qualified language expert


The proofreader is responsible for ensuring the proper style, grammar, and register of the language used in the translation. They make sure that accurate, appropriate, and concise phrasing is used, as well as that the entire project is terminology consistent, which can often include:


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    Multiple documents differing in type and content

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    Diagrams, graphics, and technical drawings

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    Multiple translators working on the same project

Additional Benefits

Terminological consistency

We use the latest software technologies and translation tools to maintain the integrity and consistency of all our projects. Our experts are familiar with the specialised terminology for each translation and work with both external glossaries, and termbases provided by our clients.

Maintaining the style and vocabulary in all later projects

The CAT tools we use allow us to fulfill your requirements and ensure consistency in the terminology not only in the first project you assign to us, but in every following project to come. With our regularly updated databases and glossaries, you can be sure the right phrasing will be used in any subsequent projects, even if you commission them years after the last one.

Seamless revisions

We are aware that technical documentation undergoes a lengthy process of revision by different experts at different stages of your projects. With the help of modern technology, our team can swiftly and skillfully identify any changes in content and provide an updated translation which is in complete harmony with all previous versions.

Technical drawings and graphics

Technical documentation usually contains a lot of illustrative materials – graphics, diagrams, figures, charts, etc. We can ensure consistent translation between such materials and the documentation even if it features schematics in various formats. Depending on the needs and preferences of the client, we can translate documents while keeping the format and quality of the documents identical to those in the source files.


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